Thursday, September 6, 2012

Talking to a banana

Me, frustrated and yelling at the toothpastes: You are not alive, so stop behaving as if you are!!
I had bought 10 tooth pastes and tried to set them up neatly on a food storage shelf in the basement. They kept falling over, knocking each other down like dominoes.

Some may say I have a problem. I speak with things. But honestly, they seem to live and do their own thing.
Don't you readers have a problem with groceries rolling out of the bags as you drive home from the grocery store? Do your apples and canned goods escape and hide under car seats as you turn into your drive way?
My groceries are not well-behaved at all.

What about electrical gadgets that flip out and do unexpected things? We had a toaster that shot the pieces of bread into the air. We had to stand next to it with a plate and catch the bread on the way back down. Talk about pretending to be in an ejection seat.

And how about when shopping for toilet paper and you get home and throw the rolls up the stairs in direction of the upstairs bathroom to save time walking up and down the stairs? Here at The Duck and Cherry the rule seems to be for the rolls of toilet paper to hit the stairs almost at the top and boomerang back down the stairs, laughing all the way. Why can't they just stay put where I throw them?

My children suffer from the same problems. Things in the house even have names.
Linnea spoke to a banana the other day. "Now today you will come to work with me," she said.
Her husband, Michael, looked at her surprised, wondering why he was going to work with her. Linnea: No, I'm just talking to the banana.

Today's water color is a scene I love to paint. Birch trees and rose hip together.


  1. Herlig! Så morsomt!

  2. Ikke sant, synes du ikke at du ser Michaels forskrekkede ansikt og Linnea som helt naturlig prater med bananen sin.