Monday, July 30, 2012

Friends like Connie

Connie is one of my special friends. She is everybody's special friend. Her arms always open up to a hug - and her big smile let's you know that she loves you. She truly loves you.

Now Connie is the kind of woman that you could remove from the year 2012 and place in the pioneer days -and she would cope just fine. She runs a household of children, horses, dogs, cats, chicken, sheep, and much more. She just rolls up her sleeves and goes to work, sometimes it has been without running water and plumbing in her home, other times faith has kept her family fed and well. Besides all that, she is the leader of Relief Society, our women's organization in church in Moss. She takes time out of her busy schedule to visit those who need a helping hand or someone to talk to.

But why do I mention her; besides the fact that she is an example of courage and a woman filled with faith in God and love for everybody around her - because she just adores our Hector, the Wheaten Terrier!
Hector has just spent a week at Connie's; jogging with her, playing with her king poodle, Anna May, and being loved. So instead of bringing Hector to the local kennel, I know now that he can stay with Connie and enjoy his time away from home. When I pick him up he is always newly bathed and brushed, smells good, and I can tell he has had fun.

Some people are God's helpers in more ways than one. They see the need of other's and do something about it.

Connie is one of those who besides all the everyday things (and doing funny things like spinning yarn and knitting things from fur from pets) works on her continuing education. I am grateful for good friends like Connie, who makes me want to be a little better.

The thing is, I have several friends like Connie. Goodhearted, sweet friends who teach me how to be a better person. Friends who take time, love, share, and truly know what charity means. Lucky me!

Today's art work is of Linnea when she was little. Connie's parents have a farm in Sweden. We visited one summer, ate her mother's yummy homemade cheese, helped move a stray ox, and walked to the beautiful beach nearby. I photographed Linnea with the geese and later painted this oil painting.

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