Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walking the Dog and Other Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are adventure sports that trigger action and dare-devil activities. These activities often have a high level of danger involved, in addition to much physical exertion. They involve speed, height, and specialized gear.
The definition probably originates from the 1990s. But think about it, extreme sport has probably been around as long as man himself.

Take, for example, Harry Houdini. He definitely was an extreme sport kind of man. We had a bird named Houdini a few years ago. For some reason, he always got out of the cage, even though the door was shut. He also liked to fly like the Red Baron into the flames of lit candles on the dining room table.

Stunt performers are the same - wild and crazy, loving adreanalin kicks and audacious exitement.
My son has tried quite a few different things, but is smart enough to tell his mother afterwards - he knows I would worry too much, if I knew of his adventures ahead of time.

Walking Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, a more than average happy dog, is what I would call exteme sport. Not every day. Most days I enjoy trailing behind the joyful little animal, who thinks sniffing, zig-zagging across dirt roads,  and jumping in puddles are all thrilling adventures. No, the risk is on my part these days. As I step outside the Duck and Cherry, I might as well put on my skates. The world is an ice skating rink. Maneuvering a cheerful puppy leaping across ice is crazy sport.

One thing is certain, extreme sport takes you outside your comfort zone - much higher, further, steeper, crazier than normal. But what is normal anyway.

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