Thursday, November 6, 2014

Feng Shui Who?

For some reason, I am into cleaning up and going through piles of papers, notes, and newspaper clippings lately. And I actually enjoy it.

And I have many piles. Notes for stories, book ideas, and thoughts for talks. Small photos torn out of magazines and newspapers that grabbed my attention when I first saw them. Do I feel I need them? Yes, because I am hoping to paint this or that image one day, or simply be inspired by the picture, enough to trigger ideas for a story.

There is a certain order in my mess. Archiving is actually something I enjoy doing. Although I am aware, that my treasures are someone else's garbage. My pretty baskets filled with ideas and inspiration, may look like clutter that should be thrown away to someone else.

I read an article about Feng Shui this morning. Even before I learned about this Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment, I knew for a fact that I needed to do the dishes and tidy the room before starting a new water color or write a story passage. A clean and tidy room makes my juices flow better and helps me feel more creative when my surroundings are harmonious. No kidding.

"Clutter robs us of peace, harmony, motive, concentration and energy."

Feng Shui goes even further than my Broom Closet. It involves where on your property your house is built, the shape and structure of your home, the surroundings, interior design, placement of furniture, colors, shapes. All these things subconsciously work into our beings.

There's no need to replace your house or redo every room. Small changes may have a great effect. Little things like picking up small messes here and there,cleaning, dusting.

Why? Because it's positive. It brings harmony. It breeds good energy.
This is not hocus pocus, but simply common sense. Clutter and uncleanliness may act as blockages.

Am I good at this? My house is often messy and unorganized. I am not a great example. But I know that I feel great when it's clean, tidy and harmonious. Simple life.

Today's art is a drawing I did for an article I wrote a few years ago about "Spring Cleaning My Genealogy".

Source: "Feng Shui i huset gir balanse i livet" by Trond Folckersahm

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