Monday, October 27, 2014

Witch Way?

Every day there are ample opportunities to choose. Which way to go when walking the dog? What to wear? Should I. . . ? Could I. . . ? What if. . . ?

To be able to choose for ourselves is a gift. A gift from a loving Heavenly Father. It is freedom in being allowed to choose and to make decisions.

Often we feel that we don't have a choice, that our path is set by others. There may be things that happen in our family, within our circle of friends, and we feel we simply have to, should, ought to. . . Something that puts us in a situation we did not want or choose.

Nevertheless, we choose how to deal with it, how to get through the day, how to favor the best part, and see the good in a situation and in others. We choose to have a positive attitude, we select to become a better person, we opt for progress and happiness.

And that happiness is often found in ways we cannot see at first. Happiness may be helping someone when we are tired, instead of relaxing in front of the TV. Progress may be seeing fruits from our labor, and the good feeling that comes with having been a friend to someone.

So, which way? What will be best in the end? The road can be a bit of work, stones to skip, wet ground underneath, but it can also be fun and fulfilling.

Photo: Wind Witch on top of our garage by the Duck and Cherry and a water color depicting a path through the woods. It splits into two directions. Which is the best one to choose?

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