Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do I Have to Explain Myself?

Many years ago I watched an interview with Priscilla Presley. The reporter asked her which of her deceased husband, Elvis Presley's, songs were her favorite. She simply stated that it should not be required of her to have an opinion about that.
Surprised me, it did. I would have thought she had many opinions about his music. After all, she was married to the man. He produced many beautiful and cool tunes.
Maybe it was her way of not involving herself too much. She probably had more opinions than she needed to reveal to the whole world through an interview.

In the classic Disney movie "Mary Poppins" starring Julie Andrews as a nanny, Mary is confronted with the question, "Mary Poppins, what is the meaning of this?"
The father of the house, a busy and frustrated banker, wants to know why his children turned up at the bank causing an array of disturbances. Mary looks at him, no hesitation, no lack of self-confidence, and simply answers, "I never explain anything."

Do we owe other people an opinion? Are we required to explain ourselves? My mother told me that when I was asked why or who or what as a little girl, I answered, "Because." That was all. No explanation given. No excuses. Just because.

As an adult, I guess, I feel the need to explain more. But not always. Oftentimes, action is better than words. Making a statement can be shown through the life we live and the things we do.

But asking, not for an explanation, but the feelings and thoughts of another person, is vital. It makes us good listeners. It helps us show we care. It involves respect and love, not merely demanding an explanation.

It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightening in the hand.
Apache Proverb

Today's water color is called "Chicken Wash".

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  1. For en deilig tankegang! jeg har ofte følt at jeg må forklare meg fordi jeg her hjemme med barna. Men det må jeg da vel ikke! Jeg bare vil ha det slik og jeg har muligheten, derfor:)