Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Gentleman

I packed up four or five bags of groceries at the store and stuffed a large box of corn flakes under my left arm. I noticed a man, probably in his mid-twenties, staring at me as I struggled to carry all the things at once out to my car. He came over and asked if he should help me and grabbed the box of breakfast cereal.

"I am not going to steal it," he said with a smile.
"If you stole my box of corn flakes, it would mean you were terribly hungry, and it would be OK," I answered.
He just smiled again and asked if he should carry more bags for me.

A little sceptical, but grateful, I walked to the car with him, wondering if his intention was to see what kind of car I drove. I was saddened by the fact that scepticism more often creeps into my thought nowadays, but I wanted to believe that he was filled with a Christmas spirit and saw a damsel in distress and acted as a gentleman should.

I thanked the nice man and called Arnfinn from the car
"You know what just happened? I don't think I have ever experienced this in Norway before. A young man just offered to help me carry my bags to the car," I said excitedly.
"Do you still have your car key and purse," Arnfinn asked.
I giggled. "Yes, it's all good. I believe he was just really nice."

Our two-year old grandson, Scott, is also quite a gentleman. He stands by the door and with an elegant flick of the hand he says, "There you go, girls first." He stands patiently and waits for his mother and little sister to pass. Very cool. (photo of Scott)


  1. Vi trenger fler slike hjelpsomme flotte menn i vårt lille vakre land. Det burde være en forening for slike.

  2. Jeg liker gentlemen. Det gjør det enda hyggeligere å være kvinne.