Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mimmi, may I borrow your clothes?

Sienna, a two and a half year old princess, asked me yesterday, "Mimmi, may I borrow your clothes?"
How many little angels that young ask their grandmother a question like that?

The clothing item she likes to choose, is a white, lacy top, very feminine and girlie, just like her.
So we go and fetch the blouse in my closet and put it on her little frame. To her, it appears to be a pretty dress, just the right length, but since it is too wide, we pull the material together in the back and fasten it with a safety pin or a belt.

She feels beautiful. And she is. Very lovely and sweet. And I don't care if by the end of the day, the lacy blouse will have raspberry jam or mashed potatoes down the front. Sienna is important, the blouse is not.

So I will use one of her energetic and positive sayings, "It's perfect!"
Children are a blessing. And they are perfect.

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  1. Herlig. Helt enig! Mennesker er viktigst.