Friday, February 14, 2014

Why I Love Investments

It's Valentine's Day.

Last evening, after the love of my life had jumped under the covers, I tiptoed downstairs and hung up a long string with hearts and hung it across the bathroom from the shower to the sink. Another large heart was hung on the doorway pull up bar that he stops by every morning. Hearts were strewn on his nightstand, in his work back pack. Well, you get the picture. I love distributing hearts.
I love it even more when they fall out as he gets his wallet out on the train, at work, or anywhere actually. Fun.

I am a true believer in investments. Not the materialistic kind, nor changing sums of money from place to place and following their every move. The investments I find interesting are the ones that build relationships and eternal companionship.

Arnfinn is a great caretaker. Things last a long time around the Duck and Cherry because he is good at maintenance and upkeep. So I have told him, "If you take as good care of me as you do your things, I will last for all eternity."

This is an investment worth while our time and effort. Taking care of each other, making sure we are both well and happy, doing little things to brighten the everyday household chores and work, are investments that double back in value time and again. There are no limits. If we treat each other with respect, love, understanding, and a large pinch of humor, it will have a positive snowball effect for days to come.

It's worth the extra time, patience, and effort. It will pay back a hundredfold.

Today's photo taken in Stockholm.

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