Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Procrastination is Valuable

I will not procrastinate!
How is that for a new year's resolution? It would solve many problems, eliminate many worries, and definitely take away pounds of stress . . . if only I procrastinated less.

What makes me do it then?
I can come up with a few good reasons like:

  • cleaning the shower is totally boring
  • getting through to this or that office on the phone is time-consuming
  • cleaning the basement - no one is down there to see it anyway

How can I fight it then? Thoughts creep up like: I don't feel like it. I have so much else I need to do today. I am too tired. I really, really, really don't want to do this right now. I only have 24 hours in a day (and night) and sometimes I need to sleep!

A few pointers might be lists. Long ones, short ones. I love lists - almost as much as I love crossing things off on my list.
Another one is to face the dreaded task head on. Just do it. Then I may need to break the task down into manageable littler tasks.
And why not make it fun. Have a family member or friend join in, if possible.
And pray for strength.

After I have completed enough to cross one of the dreaded procrastination off my to-do list, I am qualified to reward myself.
"Chocolate?" you say. "Why not? Don't mind if I do."

Definitely the first reward that pops up in my mind.

Something tells me that procrastination is only valuable in the sense that it teaches me not to do it, at least not as often It can not be avoided altogether, but I hope to see less of it if I practice some of my own advice.


Art work today is a farm in winter, a water color I gave away as a wedding gift some
years ago.
It is also the cover photo on my Facebook page right now.


  1. Jeg har aldri tenkt på at hvis jeg ikke vasker dusjen nå så utsetter jeg ting. Jeg enten gjør ting eller så gjør jeg de ikke, uten å tenke på om jeg utsetter det eller ikke. Kanskje jeg er en utsetter alikevel? Fikk meg til å tenke litt.

  2. Å, nei, Cathrine. Du er sikkert ikke en utsetter på den måten, så effektiv som du er. Jeg utsetter dusjen! Ikke noe tvil om det. Igjen og igjen.