Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Ahead

Ah, spring has sprung. Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, just came back in the house after playing outside, his wheat-colored fur coat full of seeds. Funny boy. He loves digging his nose in the dirt and sniffing out mice and other critters. He searches for exciting scents now that the snow is melting away.

I am ready. Ready for spring. But the dreaded garden work is ahead of me. I ask myself why I call it "dreaded". It's wonderful outside; watching seedling grow into plants, berries, and colorful flowers.
I have come to the conclusion it has two reasons. One - I tell myself I am not very good at it. Two - I get frustrated with time consuming projects that take me away from writing and painting. Not all. There's a time for everything. But my garden is not always my priority.

The gardener I have had on my wish list for umpteen years has still not arrived. I wish I could have back the papasan I had in Okinawa, Japan. He came on Saturdays on his bicycle, wearing a large oriental straw hat, and demanded American sandwiches for lunch break. I miss him.

I have a garden journal. That way I can write about my garden adventures. It serves as a reminder of what I have done, when and how. It gives me the opportunity to write and do gardening at the same time.

Spring ahead - fall behind. That's how I remember which way to turn the clocks come daylight saving time. Spring ahead is positiv and optimistic. It's full of joyful anticipation. A beautiful summer garden is hopefully ahead of me, but today I write.

Today's water color is a spring fairy.
The photo was taken this Easter showing Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, keeping watch from his look-out point in the snow.

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