Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On y va! Let's go!

It's the feeling of standing on the starting line, one foot in front of the other, gently rocking back and forth waiting for the pistol to shoot. And bang! Off we go - but wait a little. Running is not really my forte, so pacing the stride to a comfortable trot is more like it.
It's a beautiful sunny day in October at The Duck and Cherry. Hector, the Wheater Terrier has had his morning training and was bribed with a slice or two of cheese, his favorite treat. Arnfinn is off to work after a being served a bowl of oatmeal accompanied by the local newspaper. Linnea is getting ready for work. her hair wild and crazy, still up in a bun from yesterday. It was lovely yesterday. Today it is just funny. Marisa, a cousin from Switzerland is trying to go back to sleep after having Hector jump on her. Poppy, the parakeet has her head in the feeding cup in her cage in the kitchen, singing happily between bites. And me - I chose getting my blog started instead of getting dressed for work. Now that that's done, I'd better get going. Happy creative day!

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